Jonathan is a seasoned business development expert with over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry as an owner, operator, and innovator. He has honed his skills in creating value, driving growth, and identifying opportunities, leading to his successful venture as a business owner and operator.

Drawing from his experience, Jonathan founded Bizydev, a boutique business development firm that specializes in helping startups with their growth needs. Bizydev cultivates high-impact strategies, growth initiatives, partnerships, and innovation to deliver exceptional results to clients in various industries. Jonathan is known for his ability to connect the dots and bring together the right people to drive results, earning him a reputation for delivering significant growth for his clients.

He holds a Master’s degree from New York University and an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He is committed to lifelong learning and mentorship, and in the growth work he does, is able to help emerging Founders reach their full potential. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, and exploring new business opportunities. He is an avid sports fan and loves playing golf and taking walks in Central Park