Jonathan Fishman  Founder

Jonathan is actively involved in all aspects of Bizydev from client origination through business development execution.

  • Characteristics That Describe Yourself:

    Master connector, business developer, considerate, anticipatory, and responsive
  • A Skill You Are Proud Of:

    Remembering people, experiences and conversations which becomes helpful when trying to connect the dots in business
  • What Was The Impetus To Launch Bizydev:

    Business Development was an untapped category and I happen to love putting the pieces together to create growth opportunities. Was seeking a business in which I could speak or meet people and not be pigeon holed into how I could work with them or create value together.
  • What Are Some Of Your Recent Book Downloads:

    This Is Marketing by Seth Godin, Game Changers by Dave Asprey, Give & Take by Adam Grant
  • Your Favorite Simple Pleasures:

    Playing an early morning round of golf & running in central park
  • Favorite Inspirational Quotes:

    "How you do anything is how you do everything" & "Tomorrow will be better"


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