Think Twice Before the BCC

Bizydev’s founding was rooted in the idea that business development as a service was an underdeveloped and underappreciated resource in the early stage startup market. Whether companies get their growth and acceleration advice internally or externally (from a source of capital, advisor, marketing/PR firm, etc.), we’ve also come to see that business development can often be overlooked or half-assed. It takes an enormous amount of strategy and effort to expand your reach and market position quickly and correctly.

We work with our clients to service every one of their business development needs and in that effort, one of our most important responsibilities is making new connections for them. We help our clients by providing them with introductions to new customers, strategic partners, capital sources, and others, in a constant quest to build out the pipeline.

As we’ve seen quite often, though, once we make these introductions by email, our clients have been tempted to either remove us from the conversation or “BCC” us. That’s honestly the last thing we want or would expect.

We’re all about B2B relationships and fostering connectivity, but we’re committed to the total success of our clients and want to see these collaborations come to life and flourish at the same time. If you move us from “CC” to “BCC”, you’re limiting the full impact we can bring to the table.

We want to stay engaged with our clients and provide guidance around the customers and partners we bring to the table because we approach business development as more than just an introduction. Biz dev isn’t just about initial meetings, it’s about goals and objectives. We want you to CC us so that we can monitor and steer your business towards those goals. We can’t do that from the sideline. Bizydev wants its clients to consult us on any issue or question pertaining to growth so that they feel like we are truly just an extension of their company and not an outsourced accelerant. 

So, going forward, don’t worry about cluttering our inboxes. Include us and consult us throughout the process because that’s what we’re here for.